Merry Wives of Windsor

Last summer, Okanagan audiences once again turned out in record numbers to enjoy a glass of award-winning Spearhead wine, the summer sunshine, and Shakespeare Kelowna’s production of Twelfth Night.

Coming July 2020
Shakespeare Kelowna Theater Society presents:
The Merry Wives of Windsor

Sir John Falstaff is short of money and tries to woo two married women at once to access their purses. They (Mistress Ford and Mistress Page) happen to be best friends who, upon discovering identical love letters, play tricks on him.  Mrs. Ford’s insanely jealous husband gets caught up in the mix of misunderstandings and tricks himself into a mess of pouting and tantrums.

Meanwhile, Mistress Quickly uses her proximity to the beautiful daughter of the Pages, Anne, to string along a series of suitors including the awkward Slender, the highly-strung Dr. Caius and the shy poet Fenton. More side plots ensue including a fencing duel on a field full of cow patties, secret weddings and a climactic Halloween party in the woods.

The play is the thing!