Twelfth Night

Duke Orsino sits at the bar nursing his cocktail. He is in love with Olivia who owns a rival club across town but who refuses to see him. A terrible storm throws shipwreck survivors onto the beach of this seaside town.

One is Viola who dresses as a man to seek work in Orsinoʼs club. Oliviaʼs inebriate uncle Toby carouses with friend Andrew and greatly annoys Oliviaʼs manager, Malvolia, as does the club singer, Feste.

Viola (dressed as a man) falls in love with Orsino, Olivia falls for Viola, Malvolia believes that Olivia loves her, and thus the madcap comedy starts to swirl.

Commissioned as a play to celebrate the end of Christmas and first staged on 6th January 1601, Twelfth Night is as fresh, crazy and hilarious today as it was 418 years ago.

The play is the thing!